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"Contemplating the beauty, the beautiful, brings us closer to the ONE"


Borja de Madariaga (Madrid, 1966) Self made photographer, his work deals mainly with landscaping and architectural photography, trying to give a different vision to the so called Objective or Orthodox Photography.

He works with an analogical Hasselblad 503 CW, long exposure and quiet scenarios’ photographs, according to his aesthetical vision of beauty and contemplation.

His first exhibition, “Madrid, Dreamed Architectures”, was in June 2007, in Madrid’s Art Gallery Cuatro Diecisiete.

His second exhibition “Rome, Solitude Moments”, took place in Madrid in February 2009 in the same Gallery.

His third individual exhibition “City Emptiness” took place in Madrid’s Ramses Art’s Place in September 2009.

His fourth “Venice, Winter Light” in Madrid’s Boindetta art Gallery in November and December 2011.

His fifth individual exhibition in april 2014. The exhibition “Angkor; Nature and Mysticism”, took place in Espacio 51 in Madrid.

He has been exhibiting in ARCO 2016 in Sushita´s Art Space with his work ¨West USA: The Landscapes”

He is currently exhibiting in Gijon´s Viki Blanco Gallery

He is also professor of Nature, Landscape and Urban Photography in the Madrid´s prestigious School of Photography EFTI

He frequently collaborates with Room-­‐Mate Hotels, Espacio Tower in Madrid, and also with world known Interior Designers Tomás Alía and Lorenzo del Castillo.

“Photography is for me something more than the attempt to capture an instant, a moment or a situation. On the contrary, I intend that the contemplation of my work transcends time and space and transmits to the viewer a timeless sensation, an evocation of experiences, which allows them to withdraw from the present and enjoy. "