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"Contemplating the beauty, the beautiful, brings us closer to the ONE."


Mario Giacomelli

He is the photographer who has influenced me the most; It certainly gave meaning to my way of seeing photography.

Lalo Borja

I am passionate about his way of treating light and shadows.

Paul Kozal.

His photographs are pure poetry.

Foto R3

It is my main supplier of photographic film.

Clorofila Digital.

It is one of the best laboratories in Madrid, and one of the few in Spain that reveals manually in B / W.


They are great portals of poetry in English.

Deutsche Grammophon.

Fantastic classical music portal.

Poetry Foundation.

They are great portals of poetry in English.


It is my art portal of reference to see works by other artists and follow the market.

“Photography is for me something more than the attempt to capture an instant, a moment or a situation. On the contrary, I intend that the contemplation of my work transcends time and space and transmits to the viewer a timeless sensation, an evocation of experiences, which allows them to withdraw from the present and enjoy. "